Welcome to Walk Together Counselling. Our aim is to provide a more positive approach to your mental health by combining counselling with the benefits of walking in the natural environment.

An hours walk in a beautiful area offers an opportunity to connect with nature and your inner self. This can inspire you to make other positive changes in your life by improving your self care.

Walk Together provides a supportive atmosphere for you to talk about the things which are causing you concern. Talking to a skilled listener can help you focus, relieve distress, enable coping and decide next steps.

I have witnessed the power of sharing your story with the right person many times and can attest to the fact that it is often life changing! Speaking with someone who can listen attentively without judgement will empower you grow and make positive change in your life.

If you are tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed then its time to share your story, discover your strengths and Walk Together with someone who cares.

To find out more about how we can Walk Together call for a free 1 hour phone session.