Frequently Asked Questions



Walk and Talk Therapy has become increasingly popular worldwide and it is evident that it has many benefits.

  • Walking in the natural environment has been found to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood.
  • Exposure to natural light can help regulate sleeping patterns.
  • Walking reduces blood pressure and your counselling sessions can inspire you to make other physical health improvements.
  • You set the pace and while our main focus is the therapeutic discussion, I will keep pace beside you.
  • You choose where the session takes place.

What should I wear and what about the weather ?

Wear what you are comfortable in and good walking shoes. We can adjust your appointment to the time of day that is best for you and take the weather into consideration. However, if you like to walk in the rain we can always take an umbrella! Jumping in a puddle or two can be very therapeutic! 

How many sessions will it take?

Change takes time, but the answer to this depends on your commitment to applying the skills that you learn to your life and the complexity of the issues you are dealing with. Again be assured that sharing your story can hep bring about that change!

What does it cost?

Sessions are currently $120 per hour and payment is due at time of session. Group sessions are $40 per session.  Contact me to find out more.

What will the first sessions be like?

It's not uncommon to be nervous about trying something new. Be assured that we can work through this and change can happen if you are willing to put some effort in. 

When you call Walk Together Counselling I will answer any questions you may have and give you further details about how it all works.

In the first session we will have to do a little paperwork and start to unpack your story as well as talk about your goals for therapy.

What about confidentiality?

All sessions are conducted professionally and your privacy is taken seriously. We will discuss how to best to manage a chance meeting with someone before your first session.

Client Story

One Recent Client Story

My name is David I live in the local area; recently my marriage of over 20 years broke up.

The main cause of the break up was my behaviour and that I did not respond to warnings from my partner regarding my behaviours.


My behaviour included excessive drinking, not looking after my health, shutting myself of from friends and family and not being welcoming when friends and family visited, gambling and that I was still grieving for my first wife who had passed away suddenly.

When my partner left I was devastated, my partner left on the pretence of a trial separation, but the indications were that it would be permanent and that my wife would not return to the marriage.

It was a very dark time and at the time I believed there was not another person that I could confide my deepest thoughts and feelings to and felt very alone and very very sad.

My wife did one last great  thing for me before she left and suggested that I should seek counselling, in my life I had always dealt with personal issues alone, this also contributed to my behaviours.

I contacted Walk Together Counselling and arranged a counselling session, the thought of walking and having a counselling session appealed to me, previously when I had had issues I did walk to try and sort out the issues alone

I had realised that I had deep feelings for my wife but too late to stop the separation and to heal the hurt that I had caused her and the worst feeling was that I had deeply hurt someone who I loved deeply and who had tried had to change me and who I had ignored.

I also realised that I had to make many changes in my life, firstly for myself and then maybe to save the relationship and then the marriage.

I started the walk together sessions with Louise during the first week of the separation, I was open and honest about my behaviours and this was the first step of many steps in changing my life.

The first session provided a number of insights into managing the deep sense of loss and loneliness that I was feeling at the time and helped in getting through those first few weeks of the separation.

During the following months we continued to have weekly sessions that then worked on my personal change and provided the tools of how to change with many wise words and methods to implement the changes within myself.

I used those tools and methods provided by the counselling sessions to implement the changes and become the person who I am now, the changes have made me a better person it helped me to reconnect with my family, be open and honest with my family, be a much friendlier person this change has been very rewarding in that I regularly stop when walking or when I am out and have conversations with strangers.


I do not drink alcohol now, I do not gamble now, I have now my health under control and I see my doctor regularly.

I have lost a lot of weight and I exercise regularly.

I view the world with a completely new mindset.

To finish this story off my wife and I see each other regularly, talk every day and at present working to be a partnership again, after many years of causing hurt I have to regain my wife’s love and trust.

This has only been possible through the walk and talk sessions with Louise, I will continue with a monthly session now to maintain the change and the benefit to talk about life and experiences that caused the behaviours in the first place.

I am not going back. 

Thank you, Louise.